Analysing Data

In April last year I blogged about data analysis. Since then I’ve been adding to, and refining the data analysis tool that I’d created in Excel. The newest version allows you to paste information taken straight from your schools management information system (e.g. SIMS) in order to produce summary statistics and transition matrices.



Paste your in your data from SIMS and copy the contents of the blue cells as far down the spreadsheet as is necessary. [Click to view full size image]


Click the “current” or “prediction” tab in order to see the summary statistics. [Click to view full size image]


Click the “Analysis” tab and press the “update” button in order to see the transition matrix. Hovering your mouse over numbers in the matrix will tell you who the students in question are. [Click to view full size image]

The excel file can be downloaded fromĀ here. Please be aware that it relies on macros in order to work so you will need to ensure that macros are enabled.

If you have any suggestions for improvements then let me know in the comments.

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3 Responses to “Analysing Data”

  1. Alex crookes says:

    Similar to mine but much much prettier – I like!!!! Thanks for sharing this

  2. Steve says:

    This looks similar (but prettier and maybe more info) to the tracking grids in Sims.

    Have you used them at all? Just started with them. Any advice would be appreciated.

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