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Bring a teacher to Twitter

This week is Bring a Teacher to Twitter week – a week to show non-tweeting teachers how fantastic Twitter is as a professional development opportunity. So what is Twitter? Twitter allows you to publish 140 character long “tweets”, in essence micro blog posts that are shared with whoever chooses to follow you. You are free […]

Why am I blogging?

I first signed up on Twitter in November after a colleague told me about @SteveBesley’s tweets about education policy. I soon started following other maths teachers and discovered how fantastic Twitter was for professional development. Often in teaching subject specific professional development opportunities are few and far between. In service training tends to be about […]

First Post

Green start button

My first post – the start of my blogging life! Future posts will offer something useful for the reader. However, for the moment, this is just a celebration that I’ve managed to overcome the technical hurdles involved with getting a blog up and running for the very first time.

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