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Analysing Data

In April last year I blogged about data analysis. Since then I’ve been adding to, and refining the data analysis tool that I’d created in Excel. The newest version allows you to paste information taken straight from your schools management information system (e.g. SIMS) in order to produce summary statistics and transition matrices.   The […]

Avoiding the textbook

Maths is exciting, it is engaging, it is enthralling; yet all too often the enthusiasm, the buzz and the motivation to get involved can be sucked out of a lesson by boring, dull, lacklustre resources. In starting the planning for a new scheme of work with @Just_Maths, @el-timbre and others, a key feature of people’s […]

Data Analysis

Magnifying glass looking at data

Data Analysis: love it or hate it, it is a vital part of the role of the modern teacher. Unfortunately it can become a wearisome, time-sapping activity that many dread. It can easily take up hours of your time leaving you feeling tired and frustrated. In preparation for line management meetings this year I’ve developed […]

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