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Teaching for understanding – adding fractions

This year I have the privilege of teaching top set year 11 – a group of very bright mathematicians. Occasionally though, they’ll come out with something that makes me cringe. This week it was their method for adding fractions. At the start of the lesson I put this on the board: and asked the students to […]

Claiming back tax

Most teachers will be members of a professional body and/or union. As teachers, we are entitled to claim back any tax paid to us on the money we have paid as professional fees, and are entitled to do so for the past four years. There are various companies around that will help you do this, […]

Avoiding the textbook

Maths is exciting, it is engaging, it is enthralling; yet all too often the enthusiasm, the buzz and the motivation to get involved can be sucked out of a lesson by boring, dull, lacklustre resources. In starting the planning for a new scheme of work with @Just_Maths, @el-timbre and others, a key feature of people’s […]

Collaborative learning in mathematics

  Mathematics suffers an unfortunate public relationship problem. Dame Mary Marsh DBE, the chair of the NAICE Committee of Inquiry on Adult Numeracy Learning introduces the 2011 reportĀ¹ like this: “We have a numeracy problem in this country – we are a nation quite happy to admit to ‘being bad at maths’, we see people […]

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