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Analysing Data

In April last year I blogged about data analysis. Since then I’ve been adding to, and refining the data analysis tool that I’d created in Excel. The newest version allows you to paste information taken straight from your schools management information system (e.g. SIMS) in order to produce summary statistics and transition matrices.   The […]

Bring a teacher to Twitter

This week is Bring a Teacher to Twitter week – a week to show non-tweeting teachers how fantastic Twitter is as a professional development opportunity. So what is Twitter? Twitter allows you to publish 140 character long “tweets”, in essence micro blog posts that are shared with whoever chooses to follow you. You are free […]

Using pupil voice

At the start of the year I changed my usual practice and did something completely different with each class in their first lesson. As a school we had launched a whole new pastoral system including a new behaviour policy, and consequently had spent a good deal of time letting pupils know exactly what our expectations […]


Over the last two years I have had two external harddrives fail on me, and forgotten/misplaced my USB memory stick countless times. Each time I’ve thought that I should look for another solution, but never quite managed to do so. Enter Dropbox. For those who haven’t heard of it, Dropbox is an online storage tool […]

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