Curriculum Time Survey

Two days ago I conducted a survey via Twitter asking people how much curriculum time their schools currently assign to maths. Some of the replies surprised me. A significant number of schools assign more time to maths in year 10 than year 11 – something that I suspect will change in future years now that early entry has effectively been done away with.

In total, 31 people responded to the survey. Here is a summary of the responses.

Curriculum time


I’d like to return to this in a year or so to see if there are any changes based on the changes made to GCSE’s last week. I suspect that there will be!

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2 Responses to “Curriculum Time Survey”

  1. Chris says:

    What would be fascinating is a deeper comparison of how many hours are committed to all subjects in the schools over KS4/5.

    Would make interesting reading of students are getting more core and fewer options with the bonfire of the creative subjects in the future.


    • I agree – it would be very informative. A bit beyond one minute Twitter survey though!

      I wonder if the new curriculum will mean that schools trim down the number of subjects students will study so they only do 8? Interesting times.

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