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Data Analysis: love it or hate it, it is a vital part of the role of the modern teacher. Unfortunately it can become a wearisome, time-sapping activity that many dread. It can easily take up hours of your time leaving you feeling tired and frustrated.

In preparation for line management meetings this year I’ve developed a spreadsheet that does most of the data analysis for me, leaving me with more time for interpreting and acting upon what is shown by the data.

Ofsted would like us to keep an eye on the progress of a large range of vulnerable groups. From the 2012 Ofsted inspection schedule:

Inspection is primarily about evaluating how individual pupils benefit from their school. It is important to test the school’s response to individual needs by observing how well it helps all pupils to make progress and fulfil their potential, especially those whose needs, dispositions, aptitudes or circumstances require particularly perceptive and expert teaching and, in some cases, additional support. Depending on the type of school, such pupils may include:

  • disabled pupils, as defined by the Equality Act 2010, and those who have special educational needs
  • boys
  • girls
  • groups of pupils whose prior attainment may be different from that of other groups
  • those who are academically more or less able pupils for whom English is an additional language minority ethnic pupils
  • Gypsy, Roma and Traveller children
  • looked after children
  • pupils known to be eligible for free school meals
  • lesbian, gay and bisexual pupils
  • transgender pupils
  • young carers
  • pupils from low income backgrounds
  • other vulnerable groups.

My spreadsheet works out for me, by class as well as for the whole cohort, the following:

  • The number of students meeting 3/4 levels progress (dependant on G&T status)
  • A breakdown for SEN A, SEN P and SEN S
  • A breakdown for G&T pupils
  • A breakdown for free school meal pupils (FSM)
  • A breakdown for English as a foreign language
  • A breakdown for looked after students.

Feel free to use/tweak/edit/improve the spreadsheet. If you think there is something missing, let me know in the comments and I’ll see if I can implement it. Even better – have a go at editing it yourself and send me a copy of the improved version!

Download data analysis sheet

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