Why am I blogging?

I first signed up on Twitter in November after a colleague told me about @SteveBesley’s tweets about education policy. I soon started following other maths teachers and discovered how fantastic Twitter was for professional development.

Often in teaching subject specific professional development opportunities are few and far between. In service training tends to be about generic whole school issues rather than specific subject development. Twitter has allowed me to find out how other subject specialists teach particular topics, allowed me opportunities to discover other people’s amazing resources and allowed me to share my experience with others.

Reasons to blog

Image credits: http://teacherchallenge.edublogs.org/why-blog/

After discovering other maths teachers on Twitter I started to read their blogs and began to incorporate some of their ideas in my classroom and share them with other members of my department. One of the things that I thought was particularly useful for other bloggers was the reflective nature of some of their posts – using their blog to facilitate their own thinking and reflection on their teaching/ideas/resources/etc.

Almost as soon as I started reading other people’s blogs I started planning my own blog in my head, and so registered the MrMathsTeacher.co.uk domain name. Since then time has flown by, and my plans have been left on hold, until now.

Now the blog is set up I want to it to reflect on my own teaching, to share resources I’ve created, and as a record of ideas to use in the future. Hopefully, as time goes on, I’ll be able to use the experience of the readers as they critically comment on what I post.

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